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Macaws, a new project for Ikamaperu

Macaws, a new project for Ikamaperu

The flight of Yusa and Takum back to Tarangue over the Rio Mayo at daybreak must have caught the attention of their guardian spirit.
Last week Ikamaperu received 6 amazons and 6 macaws (4 Ara macao and 2 Ara ararauna) confiscated from an evangelist pastor.

They had been surviving for eight years crammed in tiny cages unable to extend their chopped wings and with no water to have a bath. Their food : dog pellets and corn…

Journalists were present and many found it was a scandal the “owner” was deprived of his right to have fun…" As a matter of fact all amazons predicate evangelism in their own way (Christ is alive brothers Aleluya !!).

They have now found again the peace of forest and their favorite palm fruits in a big provisional enclosure where they will be able to fly when their feathers grow bac.These enchanting birds have almost disappeared from Amazonian forests and even from Pacaya Samiria national reserve, but can be found as a decoration in the houses of wealthy people all over the world.

Tomorrow Ikamaperu will receive two more macaws confiscated from Lima. We need help for a better enclosure but overall to start a reproduction program of the best specialists in order to reintroduce one day the young ones in the forest of Pacaya Samiria reserve who is their unique legitimate owner.

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